The Collared Peccary

Peccaries (Tayassuidae Suina) are a type of pig that live in the Amazon rainforest. They are critical to the Amazonian ecosystem as they disperse seeds and form the habitats for hundreds of amphibians by rolling in the mud. However, they are at risk of extinction due to deforestation, habitat loss and illegal hunting.

Our peccary biotag



Our new biotag supports the ecosystem engineering capacities of the peccaries and enables them to rebuild their habitats. It uses vibrations to convey information about the forest and guides peccaries towards deforested areas where they can disperse seeds. The tag also has the capacity to locate valuable new resources in the forest, i.e fruit, herbs that are useful to the local communities and can provide new income sources as an alternative to logging.


How will it work?


Peccaries are at risk due to habitat loss in deforested areas.


Using vibration the bio-tag guides the peccaries to areas where they can disperse seeds and dig wallows.


Peccaries now dig wallows and create new habitats, reforesting the rainforest.